Add video effects to opposite side’s head while video chatting with Skype

Many software can apply video effects to yourselve while you are video chantting using IMs, just like youCam,ManyCam,Fakecam…, but can you imagine add video effects to your friends while video chating to make a joke with them?

So here is GorMedia Morecam, it can not only apply effects to yourself, but also apply effects to your friend of Skype, follow me to learning how to using this exciting feature.

First step:  Video call to your friends with Skype.

Second step: Launch GorMedia Morecam, Switch to “Skype double effects”.

Third step: select “Reflect” effect, double click to apply it.

Next step: Switch to other type of effects, such as “Funframe”, and apply effects you want add to your friend

Then your friends will see themselves with funny effects from your webcam video and get a supprise.



Four technology to add video effects to webcam

There are several way to apply video effects to webcam,including: Virtual driver, Dshow Vcam filter,Upper filter driver.

The first technology – virtual driver, it build a virtual webcam driver to simulate a physical webcam, and lauch a server application to get stream from physical webcam and after add effects to stream then push stream to virtual driver,then third applications render from virtual driver can get stream with effects. the shortage of this technologey is: 1.before this server application started,the virtual driver can not work, it often shows a logo image until the server application available, 2.and because it need to get stream from physical kernal driver then push to kernel virtual dirver, it has a poor efficiency; 3. Third applications should select the virtual driver as video source, it may be some trouble to set it. 4. Add kernal mode driver may affect the stablity of the system;

The second technology – DShow vcam filter, the technology implement a dshow filter and register it as a user mode virtual webcam, a server application also need to launch to get stream from physical webcam and after add effects to video it put steam in shared memory,the vcam filter then get steam from shared memory. because it is use mode application and it needn’t to push stream to kernel again, it has a better performence than first technology, but it has a critical fault that some applications like Skype not support this type of virtual webcam, and another fault is it still need to set third applications to use the virtual webcam as video source.

Third technolgoy – upper filter driver, this technology add a upper filter dirver to physical webcam to process video stream before the third application get stream from webcam driver,a server application should launch to exchange video data with the upper filter driver – get source video from upper filter driver and inject processed video frame to driver. this technolgy user neen’t to select a virtual webcam as video source, it use physical webcam directly to get video with effects. but unfortunately the technology not support multple applications use webcam at same time, it can only add effects to one third application.

However,here come newest technology, GorMedia Enhanced Upper filter Driver,  it is the only technology all world, it can not only add effects to webcam directly with no virtual webcam, and it can add effects to numerous third applications simultaneously, and it get a highest performence to other technology and it is easiest technology for user to add video effects and split webcam steam.

Below is a table of comparison between these technology:

Type of Technology Add Effect Split Stream Performance IM Support User Experience Used by
Virtual Driver Support Support Low All Bad (needs select device) Manycam,youCam,webcamMax.
Upper Filter Driver Support Not Support Low All Good (Plug and play) Arcsoft Magic-i visual effects
DShow Vcam Support Support High Not support by Skype, Yahoo Bad (needs select device) Sina 9158
GorMedia Enhanced Upper Filter   Driver Support Support High All Good (Plug and play) GorMedia Morecam


Two ways to split webcam stream

There are two types of webcam software could help you: one of them, almost all webcam software(just like Manycam,wecamMax, youcam…) which provide the function need to add a virtual webcam in your system,these softwares implement a virtual webcam driver to simulate physical webcam, they pump video streams from real webcam or just pump from a video file, then inject steam to the virtual driver, so the IMs or other webcam service can get stream from the virtual driver, thus means you should select these virtual webcams as video source in all webcam applications(like Skype,Camfrog,AIM…) need to use it, only you’ve set or you can not use webcam in these application simultaneously, and if one of them hasn’t set virtual webcam as video source,the application will get a webcam fail error because the real webcam has been occupied by the virtual webcam; and because the stream transfered from virtual driver which means performance loss,with virtual webcam also mean you should need more time to launch your webcam.

The second way,like GorMedia Morecam will not add virtual webcam,it just add a upper-filter driver to real webcam, with the driver real webcam can used by numerous applications at same time, and will not bother you to select video source in Skype,Camfrog,AIM…, so it is the easiest way to split webcam stream to any webcam application and IMs.

Download GorMedia Morecam here.